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John Cerminaro 'Grandioso' Cup

John Cerminaro 'Grandioso' Cup

John Cerminaro's orchestral cup - shown here with goldplated rim

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The Grandioso is John's orchestral cup. This mouthpiece was derived from the mouthpiece used by horn player Ross Taylor (Cleveland Orchestra, NY Phil, ..) and adjusted over the course of John's carreer. The interal tapers (more details below) are smoothly blended into one another to introduce as little turbulence in the sound as possible, the result is a mouthpiece with a very pure sound quality. The exterior is medium-heavy, with the focus being on weight distribution instead of raw bulkiness. Despite the largeness of the mouthpiece, it plays clear and efficient, much more so than any similar mouthpiece currently on the market.

Technical features: 
Cup: Very deep - of a convex shape.
Bore size: #1
Backbore: large convex flare
Shank: Narrow morse #0 (American) shank.
Threads: standard Giardinelli (0.660" junction) compatible with most American makes.


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