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John Cerminaro 'Squillo' Cup

John Cerminaro 'Squillo' Cup

John Cerminaro's solo mouthpiece- shown here with goldplated rim

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The Squillo is John's solo cup. Originally made by the late master, Robert 'Bob' Giardinelli. This mouthpiece was derived from John's legendary teacher, James Chambers' mouthpiece. John had this mouthpiece adjusted over the years, modifying the throat and backbore considerably. The result is a lighter mouthpiece that has a beautiful, warm, ringing quality to it, and sizzles beautifully when pushed, especially when combined with John's own rim designs. Just listen to any of his solo recordings and you'll know what we mean.

Technical features:
Cup: Deep - funnel shape - with a secondary 'V' shaped throat below the main cup.
Bore size: #1
Backbore: Very open, flared over a distance
Shank: Narrow morse #0 (American) shank.
Threads: standard Giardinelli (0.660" junction) compatible with most American makers.


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