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Important 2018 update!

Dear customers

From 2018 onwards, we will be offering our products for the American market exclusively through our new USA based eBay shop - Maelstrom mouthpieces USA - managed by mr. Lou Denaro.
This to facilitate shipping & handling, and also to ease our local workload. 

Our products also remain available through Pope Musical Instruments.


Our mouthpiece lineup was developed with a few things in mind. 

The individual
The Maelstrom mouthpiece system is the first fully modular mouthpiece system for the horn:  Any of our shanks (which come in two interal tapers, two external tapers and both in a wide variety of bore sizes) can be coupled to any of our five cup models (which come in two fantastic materials and two thread sizes for compatibility with standard and metric threaded rims). This allows a player to find his or her perfect match on just about any horn, from single to triple - from small to large bore.  

The mouthpiece is perhaps the most personal part of our instrument, the coupler between player and instrument. Finding the correct mouthpiece for your needs no longer needs to be an expensive and painstaking process! 

Quality and materials
All of our designs are precision made right here in Belgium. A specialised firm CNC produces our lineup to the most exact tolerances. Each piece is individually verified, so you can be confident each piece is exactly what it needs to be.

Our cups are produced in surgical grade stainless steel, brass and alu-bronze. Stainless steel has a very quick response, and offers a very focussed and clear sound while the alu-bronze variant offers a warmer, lusher sound quality for players who prefer it. Recently we've also begun offering brass mouthpiece cups as many players still prefer this traditional material. 

Our shanks are produced in stainless steel only as we feel these parts benefit more from stainless for durability.

Our rims are produced in stainless steel, brass and clear acryl. Stainless rims can be coated with TiN (titanium) and brass with either silver or gold. 

TiN has the advantage of being extremely durable, fully bio-compatible (no allergies!) and feels excellent on both wet and dry embouchures. Many players however are comfortable with the feel of traditional silver or gold, and we've begun to offer these as well.

We believe in a personal approach, do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or comments about our products. We are happy to help.

All of our mouthpiece parts come with a 14-day trial period. 

A re-stocking fee can be applied if parts are not returned in original condition (scratches, dents, ..)

We recommend returning items as 'registered mail' only.


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